• High School Diploma Program

    With an average enrollment of 2000 students per year, Adult Secondary Education classes improve academic skills and provide a stepping stone to higher education with the achievement of a high school diploma or high school equivalency such as GED or HiSet. Students who have been out of school for a long time often take advantage of Adult Basic Education classes to refresh their skills.  Adult Basic Education assists students in basic reading, writing, and math skills including beginning literacy if required.

    El Monte – Rosemead Adult School offers courses in the High School Diploma Program and Basic Education to those interested in completing a traditional High School Diploma and/or Self-Improvement courses for personal enrichment. Classes in the HSD Dept. are free of charge. Please contact the High School Diploma Department at (626)258-5800 ext. 8145 for more information. Counseling appointments can be made in person in Room 145 for currently registered students.  Persons must be at least 18 years of age and not enrolled in a comprehensive high school to be eligible for enrollment.

    Requirements for a High School Diploma

    1. Counselor’s approval
    2. Completion of Coursework  listed below
    3. Ten (10) credit residency requirement


    • Each five (5) credit course requires a minimum of sixty (60) hours of attendance and successful completion of assignments and tests.
    • Students may  choose CTE courses for elective credits.
    • Elective credits may be granted for verified satisfactory full-time work experience or military service. Ten (10) credits per year with a maximum of (40) credits may be earned.
    • Students must complete one course in computer-based education and two courses in career/vocational preparation.








    Biological & Physical Science




    World History & Geography 


    U.S. History


    U.S. Government




    Fine Arts & Foreign Language




    Total Credits


    Options for the High School Diploma Program

    Regularly Scheduled Classes

    Most subjects are offered in a regularly scheduled classroom setting with a teacher. Contact EMRAS or visit our class schedules page for the current schedule of classes.

    Independent Study Courses

    Individualized Study Labs are designed to allow students to study on an individual basis, working at their own pace in a independent setting with a teacher. Students may enroll at any time and make their own daily schedule. All work is completed at school in the High School Computer/Study Lab.

    Home Study Courses

    Enables students to complete classes from home. Students are required to meet weekly with a teacher and satisfactorily complete assignments and tests.

    Online Independent Study Courses

    Alternative online study enables students to complete classes from home or on campus. Benchmarks must be completed on campus. Class must be completed by conclusion of the each quarter.

    GED and HiSET Preparation
    High School Equivalency (HSE)

    To be eligible for High School Equivalency testing you must be 18 years of age or older, within 60 days of your 18th birthday, or within 60 days of when you would have graduated from high school, had you remained in high school. EMRAS offers two of the three California Approved tests for HSE. Both tests are available in either English or Spanish.

    If you are successful on either of these tests, you will receive a certificate from the state indicating that you have the academic knowledge and proficiency equivalent to those of a high school graduate. 

    It is highly recommended that you take the HiSET/GED pretests.

    Taking the GED 2014 Exam:

    • The GED is a computer-based exam.
    • Go to www.ged.com to register for the exam and find a test site.
    • Scheduling, practice tests, and payment is done online at www.ged.com

    Taking the HiSET exam: