• Distance Learning Program (DLP)

    How Our Distance Learning Program Works

    After the students are enrolled in a Distance Learning class, they receive a DVD and/or CD and worksheets. Students can work on the lessons at their own pace in their homes. In one or two weeks, the students complete the lessons and return the DVD and/or CD, meet with a teacher to assess progress, and then receive the next DVD and/or CD lesson in the series.

    Why Distance Learning?

    Many of us are busy with childcare or changing work schedules. Transportation problems or health problems may be keeping others from attending classes at school. Distance Learning offers people who are limited by these or other demands an opportunity to receive English instruction. We give you a choice if you cannot attend classes in our regular adult school program.

    What do we offer in distance learning?

    English as a Second Language

    We offer free ESL courses in our community at various locations and times. Young children are welcome with their parents. Students currently attending our regular ESL classes can also enroll in the Distance Learning program if space permits.


    To help busy persons prepare for their citizenship interview, we provide a citizenship preparation course that they can complete in their spare time at home.

    Online Courses

    Online ESL and citizenship courses are offered as part of our Distance Learning program. For more information call (626)258-5800 ext.8105 or go directly to room 105 at the Ramona Center.

    Hours of Operation

    Ramona Center - Room 105
    10807 Ramona Blvd., El Monte, CA 91731

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:00 am -11:30 am

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 12:00 pm –3:30 pm

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5:00 pm –9:00 pm