• Principal's Office: The Principal's Office is the Main Office where you can find general school information, such as the School Accountability Report Card, Single Plan for Student Achievement, and WASC Accreditation Information. 

    Instruction Office: The Instruction Office is in charge of School Curriculum, Instructional Strategies, Instructional Technology, and Assessment.

    Guidance Office: The Guidance Office handles enrollment, student schedules, enforcement of school rules, counseling services, graduation requirements, and transcripts.

    Attendance Office: The Attendence Office keeps record of student attendence including absences, truancies, and tardies. Students need to go to this office to pick up a readmit if they have been absent. Parents/Guardians should go to this office if they need to pick up their child school during school hours.

    Activites Office: The Activites Office is responsible for all student affairs: all sports, extracurricular activities, and ASB.