• Students are required to have a signature Card on file, which contains valid signatures of parents/guardians and current contact phone numbers.  Only individuals on the signature cards will be allowed to pick up students from school.  An identification card must be presented at the time of pick up to match the names on the signature card.  Parents are responsible for updating cards whenever a change of address or phone number occurs. 
    • Parents are requested to call and notify the Attendance Office on each day the student is absent. 
    • Parents may send a note on the day of the student's return to campus explaining the absence.  The note must include:  1)  The date(s) of the absence; 2) The specific reason for the absence; and 3) A valid parent or guardian signature. 
    • Students must pick up a re-admit on the day they return to campus.  They must go to the re-admittance window in the Attendance Office by 7:45 am to avoid being late to class.  A learning lab assignment will be given to students who return to class without first picking up a re-admit.  
    • Parental notes and phone calls are accepted but marked as "unverified".  Only those absences with official documentation such as medical or court appointments are considered verified.  
    • If a student returns to school without a phone call or note, the absence will be considered truant and Saturday school will be assigned.  Parents will then have a two-day period to verify the absence.  After this two-day period, no changes will be made and the student will be required to serve the assignment.  
    • Doctor's appointments should be scheduled for after-school hours.  If this is not possible, please schedule them after lunch so that students may attend for at least part of the day.  A doctor's note verifying the date and time of the appointment must be submitted to the attendance office upon the student's return in order to verify the absence.   

    Students with excessive absences of 10 or more days per school year will be directed to make up any additional lost instructional time through Saturday School.  The Excessive Absence Policy (10+) applies to all day, partial day and single period absences.  Students that have exceeded the 10+ excessive absence policy can be placed on an behavior agreement, referred to SARB (Student Attendance Review Board), referred to an Alternative Educational Program and or checked out from school without any prior notification to parents.