Attendance is extremely important to a child's academic success.  The Compulsory Attendance Law (E.C. 48200), requires that all children aged 6-18 attend school regularly and punctually.  Absences due to personal illness, court appearance, or medical appointments can be verified if official documentation is provided.  Absences due to personal reasons, oversleeping, car repair, shopping, working, lack of clothing or lunch money, babysitting, extended vacation days, or trips do not meet the legal criteria and will be designated as unverified.  Parental notes and phone calls are accepted, but marked as unverified.  Absences which are not verified either through official documentation or parental notification will be marked as truant.  Unauthorized or Excessive absences, even those verified by parents, may lead to disciplinary actions which include but are not limited to learning lab assignments, Saturday School Assignments, Isolated Classroom Experience (ICE), referral to the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB), or alternative placement.