• Established in 1955 and located in the beautiful San Gabriel Valley, Arroyo High School is located in the city of El Monte, California. Arroyo is one of five comprehensive AHS Front  high schools in the El Monte Union High School District that services three different communities: El Monte, Temple City, and Arcadia.


    Arroyo High School opened its doors in 1955 and graduated its first class in 1958. Since then, more than 20,000 students have received their high school diplomas from Arroyo. Graduates can be found in various professions, ranging from teachers (here at Arroyo) to college presidents, Academy award winners, and a Pulitzer Prize winner. The school is truly a comprehensive high school with a curriculum that meets the wide range of needs found within our attendance area. Arroyo High School provides college preparatory, vocational, and general education programs for all its students.


    school pic2.jpgArroyo High School has a reputation for having a very safe campus. Campus supervisors and one School Resource Officer (SRO) assist administrators, counselors, and staff in maintaining a school environment that is safe and secure for all students.


    Arroyo High School is truly a great place to go to school. Students, parents, teachers, staff, administration, and the community work together to provide all students with the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive educational experience based on each student's individual abilities and personal goals to prepare them for a successful future. Arroyo High School continues to look for new ways to reach parents and make them a part of the school community. Stronger parent and community participation on campus is an ongoing goal for Arroyo High School.



    "Pursuing Excellence"




    Columbia Blue, Black, and White

    Vision Statement

    Arroyo High School inspires a passion for lifelong learning in all students. Our students grow as individuals and become responsible and productive citizens.  

    Mission Statement

    Arroyo High School provides its students a high-quality, comprehensive, and meaningful education in a safe, positive, healthy environment. Students are equipped to be college and career-ready, to collaborate with diverse groups, and to be productive members of the global community. 



    For more information about school and community descriptions, read Arroyo High School's School Accountability Report Card.