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    Mission Statement

    The Mission of the El Monte-Rosemead Adult School is to empower our diverse student population to succeed in an ever-changing global society through a variety of educational services in a safe and healthy learning environment.

    Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

    Effective Communicators who:

    • Use effective listening and comprehension skills
    • Utilize oral, written, non-verbal, numeracy skills, and/or technology-based forms of communication
    • Interact with others in an appropriate, professional, responsible and respectful manner across all forms of communication

    Problem Solvers who:

    • Identify the problem(s)
    • Gather, organize, and evaluate information and resources
    • Utilize critical thinking skills to formulate appropriate solutions including virtual technology instruction
    • Take appropriate action to strategically solve the problem

    Lifelong Learners who:

    • Set short-term and long-term goals
    • Develop plans to accomplish their goals
    • Acquire new knowledge or skills by:
      • Utilizing tools/technology in applied situations
      • Follow written and verbal directions