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    Welcome to the Rio Hondo College Early College Academy at South El Monte High School!

    About Us: 

    The Rio Hondo College Early College Academy (ECA) offers South El Monte students a unique opportunity to take college classes for free during their regular school day. These courses, conveniently held at South El Monte High School, are designed to help students fulfill university transfer requirements without the burden of tuition and textbook fees. It's important to note that the grades earned in these college-level courses will appear on your official college transcripts, which may impact your financial aid eligibility.

    Student Responsibilities: 

    As an ECA student, you are expected to adhere to the regulations and procedures that apply to all college students. Here are some essential points you and your parents must agree to:

    1. Attendance: You must attend all classroom instruction as per the class schedule. Unexcused absences may result in a lower grade. 
    2. Coursework: It's your responsibility to complete all coursework and follow the course syllabus to earn a passing grade.
    3. Transcripts: Keep in mind that the grades for ECA courses will appear on your college transcript, which can affect your financial aid.
    4. Communication: As a college student, communication regarding your coursework will be between you and the college faculty.
    5. Study Hall: Attendance at the Early College Academy Study Hall every Monday is mandatory to support your success in the program.
    6. Course Progress: To remain in the program and receive recognition during your senior year, you must take the courses offered every semester and pass with a grade of C or higher.

    Handling D or F Grades: 

    If a student receives a D or F in an ECA course, the following steps must be taken:

    1. 1. Retake the failed courses before enrolling in another ECA class.

    2. 2. After successfully retaking the course, submit a petition form explaining your readiness to return to ECA.

    3. 3. First-year students will sign the  "Student Responsibility Form" explaining ECA responsibilities and procedures. 

    Please note that ECA personnel and academic counselors have communicated extensively about the impact of negative grades. Assistance will be provided to retake courses in the Winter and Spring 2024 semesters, and withdrawal from the program will take place at the end of the semester.

    College and High School Credit

    • All courses earn 10 high school credits per semester. 
    • All course units transfer to UC and CSUs (some credit limits may apply)
    • 10th Grade: American Sign Language 101 (ASL 101) will meet the 2-year A-G foreign language requirement when they pass with a C or better.
    • 10th Grade: Chicano Studies (CHST 101) will meet the ethnic studies requirement for high school graduation
    • 11th Grade: Music Appreciation (Music 133) will meet the one-year A-G Visual Performing Arts requirement if passed with a C or better.  

    Withdrawing from the ECA 

    Students, with the approval of their guardian, may choose to exit the ECA at the end of the academic school year (2 semesters). A parent conference with the student's counselor will be required to exit the program. Please note that students are not allowed to exit Rio Hondo Courses halfway through the semester; they must remain in the class until the end. Counselors reserve the right to drop students based on transcript review (credit deficiency), behavior issues (not following school rules), and attendance.

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    * If you have any questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to support your academic journey at the Rio Hondo College Early College Academy.