• Academic Dishonesty
    EMUHSD Board Policy 5131.7 prohibits plagiarism or dishonesty in school work on or tests. SEMHS students are expected to maintain high standards throughout the school day.  Cheating will not be tolerated.  Students found doing any of the listed behaviors will be referred to their counselor for disciplinary actions.  Academic Integrity issues may be reported to colleges and universities who request the information. (Board Policy 5131.7)

    • Plagiarism
    • Talking during an exam
    • Copying another student’s test, assignment, or allowing others to copy
    • Crib sheets, cheat sheets or passing notes during a test
    • Copying disks, printing another person’s work or having someone do another student’s assignment
    • Stealing exams, selling exams, switching exams or altering grades
    • Use of possession of school documents
    • Use of electronic device