• Adult Secondary Education Lab at El Monte-Rosemead Adult School (EMRAS)

    The EMRAS Adult Secondary Education Department Lab offers students an alternative to the traditional classroom setting. Many of the students at EMRAS work or have children and cannot attend class on a regular basis. Independent Study, Home Study, and Online instruction provide students an opportunity to earn credits at home or in a lab setting.

    Independent Study

    allows students to study on an individual basis, working at their own pace in an independent setting with a teacher. Students may choose to come to the lab morning afternoon or in the evening, Monday through Thursday and during the day on Friday. All work is completed at school and instructors are available to assist students in all high school subjects.Students are required to complete each class by the end of each assigned grading period.

    Home Study

    enables students to earn high school diploma credits for work completed at home. Students are required to meet weekly with a teacher and satisfactorily complete assignments and tests.

    Online Study

    allows students who have access to a computer and internet to work at home. Benchmark exams are completed on campus. Students who do not have access to a computer may complete online coursework at school.

    All students entering Home Study, Independent Study, or Online Study programs must see a counselor and take assessment tests prior to enrolling. Students must complete each Individualized class by the conclusion of the assigned grading period.