• Spring 2020 - Grading Petition Process
    RECENTLY REVISED - June 1st, 2020

    Grading Petition - Spring 2020 Welcome to our information page dedicated to the Spring 2020 Grading Petition process. Below you will find a copy of the letter which was sent home to our students and families regarding this procedural change allowing students the opportunity to determine if they would prefer to receive a letter grade over the default Credit (CR)/No Credit (NCR) option for Second Semester final grades. Once students have fully read the directions below and are ready to make their selection, simply navigate to https://portal.emuhsd.org and begin the process.

    Students will be able to make their grading selections during the dates of Monday, May 11th until Thursday, June 11th. After the grading petition period has ended, the student's preferences will be locked in order for report cards and transcripts to process. Students will be able to view the final class grade submitted from their teachers and decide at that point whether they want the default credit/no credit (F's only) or a letter grade option. The final grades from each classroom teacher are due by 3pm on June 5th. The Student Portal website will be up to date with the Final Grades by 5pm, June 5th. Students will have until June 11th, end of day (11:59pm), to make their final selections prior to report card processing. There will be no further extensions for the grading petition. Remember that the highest grade between the 6-week report card and the final grade will automatically be selected by the system, it will be highlighted in green within the Student Portal for each class. 

    Video Tutorials: 1) What is the grading petition  2) Why the letter grades can help students going to college 
    Video Tutoriales en Español: ¿Cuál es la petición de calificación y cómo puede ayudarme en la universidad?
    中文視頻教程: 什麼是年級請願書,它對大學有什麼幫助?

    If you have additional questions about this process, please review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at the bottom of this page. We'll be adding to the FAQs as needed to keep everyone as informed as possible in this process. If you run into system issues or you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the Student Helpdesk provided for each school. 

    Make your grading selection here now

    If you do not see the embedded Grade Petition information in PDF format load directly below, please click your website browser's Refresh button. If you need information in another language about this process, please click the appropriate links here: En Español 用中文(表达) | Trong tiếng việt

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Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)