21st Century Learning

21st Century Learning requires organizations to meet the current requirements of our standardized tests while also striving to achieve the 4Cs: communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. The skills needed for success in college and career are becoming increasingly complex, and schools must rise to meet new demands. Technology is a key driver towards instruction that impacts student learning outcomes, both on standardized assessments and for 21st Century Learning skills. Students must have regular opportunities to engage in the 4Cs. In addition, they must have access to the instant feedback enabled by digital assessment and customized assistive technology. Being aware of the classroom setting and the typical learning experiences afforded to students in your organization is the first step towards the cultivation of 21st Century Learning. Here is our most recent scoring report in this area.

21st_Century_Learning-2016-17.pdf, 106.88 KB; (Last Modified on June 6, 2017)