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VIDEO: Mountain View High Student Selected as Student Board Member 2019-20

Mountain View High School senior Angel Jimenez has been selected to served student board member for the 2019-20 school year – and is the first to be officially sworn in to serve alongside the EMUHSD Board of Trustees.

Jimenez, who is Mountain View High’s ASB president, serves as Region 9 President of the California Association of Student Councils and is a scholar in the Upward Bound Harvey Mudd Program.

"I wanted to join the board because I knew that all my experiences have shaped me into being a problem-solver,” he said.

Jimenez was part of a group of students who spearheaded a YouthTruth survey administered to all students who voiced their concerns and discussed positive aspects of each school.

“I wanted a platform that would allow me to teach students of my community how to tackle issues head on,” he said. “I believe that it can never be just the adults doing the problem solving. Students must have a say, especially in this situation.”

As a student board member, Jimenez will be able to cast preferential votes on some agenda items. With a preferential vote, the student's vote is recorded in the Board Meeting minutes, but does not affect the final outcome of a voting item. Although, the vote can still be influential.

“As Student Board Member, I hope to work towards creating a chain reaction of student leaders teaching future student leaders how to solve issues within their community,” he said. “I hope to use this valuable opportunity to develop my love for the power of education, especially since I aspire to become an educator and a mentor in the classroom setting when I am older.”