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VIDEO: Rosemead Student Chefs Compete in Culinary Competition


The clock was ticking down as Rosemead High student chefs worked to plate their gourmet dish as part of El Monte Union’s inaugural game show-style competition, Cooking Showdown.

The “Top Chef”-style competition, held March 15, aimed to highlight the District’s Food Science and Food Service career technical education pathways at Arroyo, Mountain View and Rosemead high schools, as well as Mountain View’s communications and technology programs.

The six-member teams received mystery baskets containing chicken, sweet potatoes and beets and had 75 minutes to prepare a meal. The students added their own savory touches to the mix, hoping to impress the judges’ panel.

“For the cooking showdown, we selected chefs who can think critically and work together as a team,” Rosemead culinary arts instructor Pat Sahagun said. “They know their food groups, understand their roles, can think outside the box and keep each other on task.”

The Panther team, led by senior Vivian Tsan, prepared grilled teriyaki chicken with fried rice and roasted root vegetables.

“We worked well together and did our best to use our knowledge and experience to make the best dish we could,” Tsan said. “I love cooking and baking. I would love to attend a culinary school after I graduate.”

The “show” will air on the District’s YouTube channel on May 1, with the winning team announced at the Board of Trustees meeting later that night.