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El Monte Union Students Create Positive Impact Through Youth Truth Survey Results

Student Advisory Council

El Monte Union High School District’s Student Advisory Council gather in celebration of a successful 2021-22 school year at their last meeting on May 16.

Since 2019, El Monte Union’s Student Advisory Council (SAC) representatives have presented the results of a Districtwide Youth Truth student survey to the Board of Trustees, which highlights the strengths and areas of growth for each El Monte Union campus as seen by students.

The Youth Truth student survey aims to ensure students have the opportunity to share their voices and provide feedback to the District on how to improve their learning environments.

SAC representatives from all six high schools have their peers anonymously complete the survey, asking them to evaluate core themes of their overall school experience, rating their schools on engagement, culture, staff-student relationships, academic challenge, college and career readiness, belonging and peer collaboration, health and well-being and distance learning.

SAC representatives then present the results to the Board, providing some specific examples from students who completed a narrative portion of the survey. Results also support student input in the development of the District's annual Local Control and Accountability Plan.

This year’s Youth Truth survey shows strong rankings in the categories of academic challenge and engagement, while noting that the areas with the most room for improvement were staff-student relationships and peer collaboration.

“At El Monte Union, we value our students and want to always encourage them to use their voice. The Youth Truth survey has given our District a chance to come together and have an open and informative conversation on how students truly feel about our school community,” Superintendent Dr. Edward Zuniga said. “With the upcoming 2022-23 school year, our main goals and focus will be to continue prioritizing ways on how we can better serve our students and provide them with a learning environment where they feel respected and heard.”


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