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Update: Class of 2020 Car Parade Diploma Celebrations

El Monte Union still plans to hold traditional graduation ceremonies in November, or as soon as it is safe to do so. We will keep families posted. Below is information about our June 4 car parade diploma celebrations.

June 2, 2020

Dear Class of 2020 and Families,

We are pleased to inform that you that our six high schools will hold their Car Parade Diploma Celebrations on June 4 as planned. However, in response to county-wide curfews that may be in place over the next several days, our schools will amend their schedules to begin parades earlier, ensuring they end before the anticipated L.A County curfew time of 6 p.m.

Schools will provide updated guidelines and schedules to students today. Please be sure to check your school emails or social media.

We are doing everything we can to ensure the continued safety and well-being of our students. As such, students will be assigned an arrival time based on last name. As part of a very structured process, students will leave their vehicles, walk across a stage, have their photos taken and receive their diplomas. Families are encouraged to decorate their vehicles and have fun.

While parades will not be live-streamed, a virtual celebration will be held at 7:15 p.m. El Monte Union still plans to hold traditional graduation ceremonies in November, or as soon as it is safe to do so. We will keep families posted.

Please be sure to read our very important guidelines below, which will be enforced across all schools:

  • Only one vehicle for the graduate and immediate family will be allowed.
  • No over-sized vehicles, including motor homes, party buses or limousines, will be permitted.
  • Riding on the back of a truck is not permitted. Vehicles must be enclosed (no motorcycles, convertibles with the top open, golf carts or bicycles).
  • Transportation will be provided to graduates and their immediate families if they are in need of a vehicle. Please contact your school principal for more information.  
  • Each graduate will receive a scheduled time to arrive on campus for the car parade. Early arrivals will not be permitted to enter.   
  • All graduates will wear their cap and gown upon arrival. Please contact your school administration if you are in need of a cap and gown.  
  • All family members must remain in their vehicles at all times. Family members will not be permitted to leave vehicles to take photos. Schools will have a photographer available to take pictures of each graduate.  
  • Face masks must be worn if any windows in the vehicles are open. 
  • Graduates must wear face masks upon exiting their vehicles to receive a diploma, including while having photos taken.
  • The District has a zero-tolerance policy on the possession, consumption, or sale of alcoholic beverages or any restricted substances, including tobacco.

Plan ahead as there may be delays during the parade route. It is recommended that you stay hydrated and use the restroom prior to arriving.

For more information on the L.A. County parade rules, please click here.

Thank you all for your cooperation, support and understanding as we close out the 2019-20 school year. 


Dr. Edward Zuniga