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SEMHS Wrestler's Dream Comes True

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A special needs teenager had his wish come true after defeating his opponent in his first-ever wrestling match.

Nick Haller, a high school junior, got the chance to wrestle for his South El Monte High School wrestling team on Thursday, a dream made possible by two local high schools.

Haller has been an honorary member of the wrestling team but the 17-year-old has always wanted to take center mat.

SEMHS's Nick Haller & RHS's Alex Masuda "It's like wrestling, he never gave up," said Ray Castellanos, the team's coach. "He continued and continued to tell me everyday... he's the first one to come to me and say,'Coach, are our spirit packs in yet? Coach, are you going to suit me up?"

The victory would not have happened if it was not for his opponent Alex Masuda, also a junior and captain of the Rosemead High School team, who chose to compete in the inspirational match.

"I always wanted to wrestle in high school, and I'm happy I got the chance to wrestle against my best friend here," said Haller.

Musada said it felt great to fulfill Haller's dream of competing.

"We all have a passion for it and it's not always about winning...," he said.
For the full story and video, please click here  
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