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Senator Ed Hernandez Donates to EMHS

“Never give up,” said Senator Ed Hernandez on the afternoon of Friday, January 28th. He stopped by El Monte High School to speak to students about his journey to success, de- spite the obstacles he’s overcome. Along with his visitation, he gave a generous donation of $5,000 to the school to purchase eyeglasses for students.
Principal Mrs. Torres, Assistant Principal Mr. Flores, Assistant Principal Ms. Price, as well as Mr. Vaniman came to watch his brief presentation. Senator Hernandez as a state assemblyman; he is also an optometrist. He is supportive of all students in their education and wishes them the best for their futures.
Senator Ed Hernandez Donates to EMHS At the end of 5th the conference room to meet Senator Hernandez. As each student stepped in, they introduced them- selves to the Senator and he shook their hands with a welcoming smile.
With his brief presentation, he explained how he grew up in an environment of majority low-income Hispanics. He grew up going to school, not being entirely motivated as the typical average AP student.
Hernandez attended three years of community college and three years at Cal State Fullerton, with a medical major. Throughout his years of high school and college, he planned on being an optometrist and success- fully carried out his plan.
El Monte High School students, living the same type of life he did, could connect easily to this. Hernandez’s main points were that de- spite if a person is living in a working-class environment and their dreams may seem far-fetched, anyone is capable of pursuing their dreams no matter what their circumstances may be. He made the students feel welcomed and answered their questions for them.
Currently, Senator Hernandez works as a part-time optometrist at his office in La Puente. He also flies up to Sacramento every week to carry out his duties as a California Senator.
Also, Hernandez proudly visits local schools from time to time to let them know about his life and how he’s grown as a person throughout high school and college.
Overall, Senator Hernandez was an inspiration to the students who attended his brief presentation. He hopes to be able to inspire and motivate the students to reaching above and beyond, despite their current obstacles in life. He believes that every student has the chance for success and is encouraging of every one of them.
Betty Hang, EMHS Editor-in-Chief