• How to Sign Up for Technology Take Home Program 

    Checkout Form Required There are only a few required steps required to be eligible for the Technology Take Home Program. Please read the following steps and if you have any additional questions, you can ask the school library staff or administration for assistance.  

    1. Students interested in signing up for the Technology Take Home program, simply need to read and sign the digital EMUHSD Technology Take Home form. The form is an online form and is only available in this format, but if a home computer is not available then the form can be accessed via a smartphone or by stopping by the library after school. The digital signature of both the student and the parent/guardian is required for liability purposes. 

    2. Once the form has been filled out, the student can then request to check out the backpack, Chromebook, and MiFi combo form the school's library. Just like any library resource, the availability is not always guaranteed and will be on a first come first served basis. 

    3. The student will be told the date in which the devices and all of its contents are to be returned to the library. Typically this will be anywhere from a 3-5 day duration, depending upon the demand for the units. All devices must be returned with at least 50% battery life to ensure the next student is able to use them the minute they check them out. Students MUST turn in the devices on the required due date, failure to do so may automatically trigger automatic shut off of the devices as well as the loss of a future technology check-out privilege. 

    4. Once the technology is returned to the library, it will be checked for damage and that all accessories have been included. If the unit is damaged or returned incomplete, the student may be forced to pay fines related to the damage or lost items.  

    5. The student is again free to check out another Technology Take Home package at any time, providing the school has them available.