Using an approach that focuses on treating the whole child, Student Services personnel provide students with academic and career guidance and address their social and emotional needs. Students meet with counselors on an individual basis at least twice yearly to discuss academic progress and other needs. Counselors help create, direct and monitor student academic progress through the use of the Four-Year-Plan that is based on student career and postsecondary goals.  Through parent conferences and grade-level meetings, counselors involve parents as active stakeholders in their children's academic plans and progress.  

    The following are services provided at each grade level by the Student Services Team:

    Ninth Grade
    - Initial registration review for each student
    - Parent or student conferences, as requested
    - Personalized four educational plan for the student developed and updated by the counselor and communicated to the parents
    - Orientation meeting for parents and incoming 9th grade students
    - Referral to personal counseling, as needed
    - Registration, scheduling and program adjustments (School initiated)
    - Parents may request a special grade check on their student's progress.
    - Parents or students may request a referral to an outside agency or to other community resources
    - Career Guidance opportunities

    Tenth Grade
    All services provided at 9th grade plus:
    - Students will be oriented to the school's Career Center program
    - Competency and achieve test interpretation and parent conference on results 
    - Comprehensive review of student's progress to date
    - Planning for future through the Sophomore Counseling Program (subject to availability of funds)

    Eleventh Grade
    All services provided at the 9th and 10th grades plus:
    - Parents and students will be invited to a college information night.
    - Parents and students will be informed of student's progress toward graduation if deficiencies are anticipated.
    - Pre-college students will be given:
       a. planning and financial information
       b. opportunity to meet with college representatives
       c. pre-college testing information - ACT, PSAT, SAT, PLAN
    - Students will have the opportunity to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
    - Options for non-college bound students will be offered. 

    Twelfth Grade
    All services provided at the 9th, 10th, 11th grades plus:
    - Parents and students will receive a graduation status report if deficiencies are anticipated.
    - Pre-college students will be given:
       a. pre-college testing options
       b. assistance with applications for financial aid, scholarships and admissions, as necessary
    - Options will be outlined to students who are going directly into the workforce