• What is BrightBytes

    Clarity Interface With the goal of improving decisions made about technology integration within the classroom & curriculum, professional development training & support, and any future district related technology initiatives, the El Monte Union High School District is proud to announce the utilization of the BrightBytes Clarity tool for our district. Clarity is a platform designed to give school districts detailed information about the use of technology within their classrooms, student homes, and community

    About BrightBytes Clarity
    BrightBytes Clarity is a highly-effective, online platform designed to provide schools with evidence-based data around the CASE framework, a holistic reporting mechanism that examines classroom technology use, access to technology in and out of school, attitudes toward technology usage, and technology skills of students, educators, and parents. It utilizes short, research-driven survey questions given to administrators, teachers, students, and parents/guardians and presents this information in an easy to read format. Results can be disaggregated in a number of different ways so that school & district administrators can pinpoint where they need to target their next steps for intervention and development.

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    How Will EMUHSD Use the Clarity Survey

    EMUHSD will use the BrightBytes Clarity platform to annually gather information from Teachers, Administrators, Students and Parents through the use of an anonymous technology survey. The survey covers some basic questions regarding their computer literacy, technology interaction within the classroom & curriculum, and finally access to technology in the classroom as well as at home. The information obtained from this important survey will be used in many different ways; to measure effectiveness of implementations and professional development around technology, identify areas where the district & staff can improve it's technological skill-sets, provide transparency on technology related purchases, provide insight on teacher & classroom readiness around 21st century skills, and lastly the data analytics will be used to make informed decisions around future technological goals for our district.  

    For additional information about the Clarity platform, please use the digital resources provided below: