Student Renewal Week 2021

  • Renewal Week is Here The 2020-2021 school year has been a year like no other. In keeping with our commitment to student health, safety, and mental well-being, EMUHSD is dedicating the week of March 15th to student renewal.

    During the week of March 15th, students will report to each class as scheduled. Once in class, teachers will provide students with the opportunity to choose from over a hundred different virtual workshops, activities, and presentation choices. Students will have the opportunity to attend a districtwide virtual celebration of student success and resilience on Friday.

    Create Your Personalized Agenda Now Students can build a personalized agenda of all the sessions they want to attend during the week using the "Sched" agenda app and their Google account:  

  • Renewal Week Offerings 

    • Motivational Speakers
    • Mental Health and Wellness Workshops
    • Mindfulness and Meditation Sessions
    • Hobby Exploration Activities
    • Arts Projects
    • Cooking Projects
    • Read-along activities
    • Gaming Tournaments
    • Social Activities
    • Music Appreciation Activities
    • Dance Routines
    • AP Study Hall Sessions
    • Crochet Activities 
    • Virtual Field Trips
    • College Presentations
    • Drive-Thru Giveaways
    • Games and much, much more!!!
  • Students: Please see the short video below to assist you with logging in to Sched and selecting your Renewal Week Sessions.

  • Students are free to choose the event that most interests them during each class period and earn class participation by attending their chosen event. Students must attend a virtual event for each class period, each day. Not attending sessions will result in calls to parents/guardians and additional intervention.

    Parents, please note that this event is an instructional activity and student attendance is required on a daily basis. If a student is unable to attend on any given day, please contact our attendance office.