• How to Find a Book in the Library

    • Click the link to “Search for Books in the Library” (Destiny). Login with your School UN & PW (same as School Loop). You must be logged in to open any E-Books!!!

      ***If prompted for a password when trying to access a Gale E-Book from the catalog, use this password: elmonte.

      Finding a Book for Enjoyment...

      1. Search for a book by an author you know you already like.

      2. Browse books and booklists recommended by other teens on Goodreads.

      3. Try the "What Should I Read Next" website, which recommends books based on an author or title of a book you have enjoyed.

      4. Check out a book recommended by your peers on the library's Constellation of Recommendations wall.

      5. Ask the Librarian to recommend a book.

      6. Google "Read-Alikes" for a book you have already read and enjoyed.

      7. Use the Novelist Database through the LA County Public Library to search for books based on multiple criteria and preferences. *You will need to visit our "Databases and Research" webpage to get the code to login to the LA County Public Library Databases. (See Librarian if you need help.)

      **Can't find a book you are looking for in our library? Ask the librarian to order it for you!** 

      Finding a Book for Research...

      1. Start by searching the keywords in your topic. *Sometimes your topic will not come up. Don't give up! Here are some next steps: 

      a) Search a broader topic related to the subject, event or person you are researching. For example, Louis XVI may not come up in your search, but if you search France, you can find a book on French history and look up Louis XVI in the Index of the book.

      b) Search the year related to your topic. For example, the Persian Gulf War may not come up in a search, but we have books on decades and years where you will be able to find information on it. Also, we have biographies arranged by year, so if you have a person who did something important or had something important happen to them in a certain year, you may be able to find them in the Index.

      c) You can also limit your search words. For example, instead of searching the whole topic Invention of the Railroad, just search Railroad. You should be able to find a book that talks about how and when it was invented. 

      d) If all else fails, ask the librarians for help. That's what we're here for! Check out Research Tips.