1. Materials may only be checked out from the library with a valid RHS ID Card.

    2. Regular books are checked out for three weeks before they must be returned or renewed.

    3. Most reference materials may be checked out of the library.

    4. Computers are available for students to complete school related research. Internet access is             allowed only if the student has a valid internet contract on file in the library and has                       completed the internet orientation.

    5. Computers may only be used for school related projects, with some exceptions at lunch. 

    6.  No food or drink is allowed in the library at anytime, water is the exception.

    7.  To use the library restrooms you must first sign in at the front desk and pick up the key.

    8.  Students can check out as many as five (5) books at one time.

    9.  If a book is returned after the date it is due there will be a .10 excess use charge per book per         school day.

    10. Students are allowed to print five pages from the internet per day for free on the computers,           printing of essays is an exception.

    11. There is a .10 per page fee to make copies on the copy machine.


    1.  When entering the library during classtime you must have an agenda signed by your teacher.

    2.  Before using the library computers you must first sign in and identify the computer you will be        using.

    3.  While in the library you should keep conversations low and be respectful of other library users.

    4.  To locate a book in the library search the library catalog "Destiny".

    5.  If you use a book and do not wish to check it out please give it to a library worker or library            staff.



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