• Chromebook Repair

    Chromebook Repair Process
    If one or more of your classroom Chromebooks is in need of repair, please follow the steps provided below to seek assistance and/or begin the process of repairing the unit. 
    1. Start by submitting a technology request ticket for the repair through SchoolDude. Please include as many details as you possibly can about the problem and when it occurs. Your site's technology support staff will respond quickly to the request and determine the next steps needed to remedy the device. If you do not hear from the site tech within a business day, please contact the Site Tech by phone or email as a follow-up. If this is an emergency situation where testing is taking place and you are short a device...feel free to contact the Help Desk @ x4357 (HELP) and we'll do our best to assist you in getting all the devices you may need. 

    2. If you are sure that the damage is going to require the site tech to work on the device or it will need warranty support, you can help expedite the process by bringing the Chromebook to the site tech after the initial SchoolDude ticket has been entered.  

    3. If the unit is deemed unrepairable and needs to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair, the Google Form below will be used to submit the unit for warranty repair processing by the tech and/or TTL. 
    Troubleshooting Note: For software and network related issues, always restart the device first by holding down the power button for 5 seconds and pushing it once to restart it. If there is a system update, please click on the update icon (shown to the right) to upgrade the device to the latest software release (which will automatically restart it) as this can often remedy many software related issues quickly.