• The El Monte Union High School District relaunched it's website with a brand new design in early 2016. The website is loaded with great features, content, embedded applications, and much more is planned in the years to come. Please read all about the planned features and our estimated implementation timeline below. We thank you for your patience while we go through this migration. 
    Website Redesign Timeline

    Phase 1 - February 2016
    •  We have now incorporated a 'responsive template' design to our emuhsd.org website. A responsive website design means that our site will scale and display content to our end users based on the device they are using to view it in. Since the majority of website users are viewing from mobile devices these days, it was important that our redesign incorporate this type of technology. The image below demonstrates how our website will look on a laptop, tablet, and smartphone. 
    EMUHSD Responsive Design
    • Consistent look and feel with updated/relevant content

    • New online EMUHSD staff contact directory

    • New 'Staff Apps' launch menu

    • Incorporation of Google Translation services, so that all EMUHSD stakeholders will not have language barriers

    • District news articles, announcements, imagery, and videos that highlight our amazing schools, students & staff

    • Emergency website alerts 
    Phase 2 - Summer 2017

    • Continue development of new content & resources for Parents, Students, Staff, Alumni, and Community members

    • Development a new Staff Intranet, so that valuable resources will become centrally available to all staff behind website login credentials

    • Incorporation and development of District Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and/or Instagram
    Social Media
    Phase 3 - Mid/Late 2017

    • Launch of new EMUHSD mobile application in the Android market and Apple AppStore. The mobile app will push out content to all users who have downloaded it and include new various features... such as the ability to communicate instantly during emergencies